Logs Only, for 24" Diameter Fire Pit/Fireplace, 75000 BTU for LP & NG

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  • The logs are steel reinforced, and made with lave granules and high heat ceramic refractory that is used to check rocket engines. Hearth Kit parts are mostly made of Stainless Steel or fine copper, Safe and Durable!
  • Includings: 1 of 18" Logs, 2 of 15" Logs, 2 of 13" Logs, 2 of KIVA Logs.
  • By 3 generations of designers, logs are designed, handwork manufactured in CA USA.
  • ***NOTE: The logs in this kit are designed to look good in a fire pit with the given diameter. For instance, the 24" Fire Pit Kit is designed to fit in a fire pit that is approximately 24" in diameter (but also look nice in 22" to 27"). There are no logs that measure 24" in this kit. The same for other kits. These measurements are approximate and for reference only.
Designed, Manufactured in CA USA. We charge a 25% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping and damages, if items returned. Ship in 2 boxes.

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