Durablow 110 CFM Air-Out Stainless Steel Crawl Space Vent Fan, Foundation Vent, Radon Mitigation, for Crawl Space Exhaust Fan, Basement Ventilation Fan, Attic, Garage (Stainless Steel Silver, M1P)

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  • ▼ WHY USE A VENTILATION FAN: A ventilation fan benefits your home in several ways: ▼ It helps to reduce radon level in lower areas.▼Keeping your crawl space and foundation dry, guards against condensation, and vents harmful gases and odors. ▼Enhancing indoor and outdoor air quality. A ventilation fan is a valuable addition to your home.
  • ▼KEY FEATURES: ▼We offer exhaust fans (Air-out) or intake fans (Air-in). To get healthy air, it is advised use both types for better air exchange.▼Multiple MFB M1P ventilators can be controlled by one power switch or Dehumidistat, like Durablow outlet model # MDT2P. ▼Freeze protection thermostat: It stops the fan when outdoor temperature drops below 35°F(approx.0°C).▼Airflow: 110 CFM, Ventilation type: Air out.
  • ▼STAINLESS STEEL 304 - HIGH CORROSION RESISTANCE : 100% Stainless Steel 304 Grade panel & housing box for longer life in humid environment.(Better than Galvanized Steel), the crawl space fan provide high corrosion resistance from various environmental factors, such as moisture, humidity, and exposure to chemicals. This makes it ideal for use in damp spaces. Set up the fan in spaces prone to humidity to ensure your home stays comfortable.
  • ▼ EASY TO INSTALL: Included Component: Air-Out Seven Leaves AC Axial Fan (Dimensions 16"D x 9.3"W x 3"H) + 7-feet grounded power Cord. Simply Plug it in, set it, and let it run.▼Noise: dB level 45-57. ▼ UL-certified fan ensures continuous operation safety.
  • ▼ VERSATILE APPLICATION: This ventilation fan serves various purposes, from being a crawl space fan and attic vent fan to a foundation vent fan, and radon fan. It exhausts vent radon gas, treats wood gases and odors, averting their migration into living areas. Additionally, it enhances indoor air quality, and protects home and occupants, creating a healthier, more durable environment.

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