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A fireplace can add warmth and ambiance to your home. Whether you have the fireplace in the bedroom, living room, or other part of the house, they make the space feel cozy and inviting. If you have a fireplace that can work with a remote, or smart home hub / speakers such as Amazon Alex Echo, Google Assistant...etc. you can have the ease of changing the settings on your fireplace without having to get up from the comfort of the sofa or bed. A remote control for your fireplace can allow you to program the thermostat so that it never goes...

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1. Connect to Millivolt Valve Adding an optional remote receiver by connecting the TH/TP + TH on Millivolt valve. These terminals are originally designed for a room thermostat. *Field wired, in series.   2. Replace On/Off Switch or Thermostat Replacing an existing wall / manual On/Off switch or room thermostat with remote receiver.   3. Connect to Electrical Outlet Box Adding an optional remote receiver at the 24VAC power (output) of electrical outlet box. *Field wired, in series.   4. Switches In-Series or In-parallel Adding remote receiver into an existing wall / manual On/Off switch or room thermostat with remote receiver. Results: Wiring IN SERIES with...

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1. Can NOT turn on fireplace? Check your pilot fire and thermopile first. All models are NOT power supply. They do NOT output voltage or current to gas valve. They only process the millivolt voltage generating from thermopile if the pilot fire is on. Therefore, you can NOT turn on the fireplace fire / gas if the pilot fire is OFF or the thermopile is out of operation (no millivolt voltage generated when heated). This is a safety protection from gas leakage. Please check before return. Shut off the pilot fire, gas supply, wall switch, and any power if your house...

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