Durablow MFB007 GFK4, FK12, FK24 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan Unit for Monessen, Vermont Castings, Majestic, Temco, Lopi, Rotom R7-RB12 ¦ (MFB007)

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  • Fits Heatilator: A36C, A36CH, A42C, A42CH, ADI60S, ADI-ZC-FB, ADI-ZCFB-S, BCDV36, BE-36-C, BE-36-CIPI, BV4236DBI, BV4842DBI, CB4236IR, CB4236MIR, CB4842IR, CB4842MIR, CD4236ILR, CD4236ILR-C, CD4236IR, CD4236IR-C, CD4236LR, CD4236MILR, CD4842MILR, CD4236MIR, CD4842MIR, CD4236MLR, CD4842MLR, CD4236MR, CD4842MR, CD4236R, CD4842ILR, CD4842ILR-C, CD4842IR, CD4842IR-C, CD4842LR, CD4842R, CNXT70E, CNXT90E, DV3732SBI, DV3732SBIL, EC36, EC36I, EC39, EC42, EC42I, FP28, FP36, GBi25 SERIES, GC100, GC100E, GC100L, GC100LE, GC150, GC150E, GC150L, GC150LE, GC200, GC200L, GC300 SERIES, GC300E, GC300LE, GC300FL, GC300FLE, GC300FLLE, GC300ST, GC300STE, GC300STLE, GC361, GC421, GC400 SERIES, GCBC36, GCBC36LE, GCBC42, GCBC42LE, GCBC60, GCBC60I, GCBC60IL, GCBC60L, GCBC80, GCBC80I, GCBC80IL, GCBC80L, GCDC36, GCDC42, GCDC60, GCDC60E, GCDC60L, GCDC60LE, GCDC80, GCDC80E, GCDC80L, GCDC80LE, GDST3831I, GGBC36, GGBC36E, GGBC36L, GGBC36LE, GGBC42, GGBC42E, GGBC42L, GGBC42LE, GGBC42R, GNBC30, GNBC30LE, GNBC33, GNBC33LE, GNBC36, GNBC33LE, GNDC30, GNDC33, GNDC36, GNDH30, GNDH33, GNDH36, GNDH36E, GNDH36LE, GNRC33, GNRC36, GNTC50, GNTC80, GNTC80LE, HB36, HB42, MAX60, MAX60-FFMAX1, MAX60-FFMAX2, MAX60L-FFMAX2G, MAXUS MAX60E, MAXUS MAX60EF, MAXUS MAX60F, MAXUS MAX60L, MAXUS MAX60LE, MAXUS MAX60LEF, MAXUS MAX60LF, MH36A, MH39A, MH42A, NA36, NA42, NB3630M, NB3630MI, NB3933, NB3933I, NB3933M, NB3933MI, NB4236, NB4236I, NB4236M, NB4236MI, NB4842, NB4842I, NB4842M, NB4842MI, NBV3630I, NBV3933, NBV3933I, NBV4236, NBV4236I, NBV4842, NBV4842I, ND3630, ND3630I, ND3630L, ND3630IL, ND3933, ND3933I, ND3933L, ND3933IL, ND4236, ND4236I, ND4236L, ND4236IL, ND4842. ND4842I, ND4842L, ND4842IL, NDV3630, NDV3630I, NDV3630L, NDV3630IL, NDV3933, NDV3933I, NDV3933L, NDV3933IL, NDV4236, NDV4236I, NDV4236L, NDV4236IL, NDV4842, NDV4842I, NDV4842L, NDV4842IL, NEVO3630I, NEVO4236I, NNXT3933I, NNXT3933IL, NNXT4236I, NNXT4236IL, NOVUS, NOVi30, NOVi30L, NOVi35, NOVi35L, OLYMPUS, SC60, SL-350TRS-IPI^Fits Heatilator: SL-550BE, SL-550BE-IPI, SL-550TRS-E, SL-550TRS-IPI-E, SL-750TRS-E, SL-750TRS-IPI-E, TITAN; Fits Majestic: 300DVB, 300DVBH, 300DVBL, 300DVBLNSC7, 300DVBLPSC7, 32VFSC, 32VFSNVC, 32VFSPVC, 33BDVR, 33BDVREN, 33BDVREP, 33BDVRRN, 33BDVRRP, 33BDVT, 33BDVTEN, 33BDVTEP, 33BDVTRN, 33BDVTRP, 33ISDG, 33LDV, 33LDVR, 33LDVREN, 33LDVREP, 33LDVRRN, 33LDVRRP, 33LDVT, 33LDVTEN, 33LDVTEP, 33LDVTIN, 33LDVTIP, 33LDVTRN, 33LDVTRP, 33XDV, 33XDVR, 33XDVREN, 33XDVREP, 33XDVRRN, 33XDVRRP, 360DVS2, 360DVS2RN, 360DVS2RP, 360DVS3, 360DVS3RN, 360DVS3RP, 360DVSL, 360DVSLRN, 360DVSLRP, 360DVSR, 360DVSRRN, 360DVSRRP, 36BDVR, 36BDVREN, 36BDVREP, 36BDVRRN, 36BDVRRP, 36BDVT, 36BDVTEN, 36BDVTEP, 36BDVTRN, 36BDVTRP, 36CDVXRRN, 36CDVXTRN, 36CDVZRRN, 36CDVZTRN, 36LDV, 36LDVR, 36LDVREN, 36LDVREP, 36LDVRRN, 36LDVRRP, 36LDVT, 36LDVTEN, 36LDVTEP, 36LDVTIN, 36LDVTIP, 36LDVTRN, 36LDVTRP, 36XDV, 36XDVEN, 36XDVEP, 36XDVRFN, 36XDVRFP, 36XDVRN, 36XDVRP, 380IDVNVC, 380IDVPVC, 39BDVR, 39BDVREN, 39BDVREP, 39BDVRRN, 39BDVRRP, 39BDVT, 39BDVTEN, 39BDVTEP, 39BDVTRN, 39BDVTRP, 39LDV, 39LDVR, 39LDVREN, 39LDVREP, 39LDVRRN, 39LDVRRP, 39LDVT, 39LDVTEN, 39LDVTEP, 39LDVTIN, 39LDVTIP, 39LDVTRN, 39LDVTRP, 39XDV, 39XDVEN, 39XDVEP, 39XDVRN, 39XDVRP, 400DVB, 400DVBH, 400DVBL, 400DVBLNSC7, 400DVBLNV7, 400DVBLPSC7, 400DVBLPV7, 43BDVR, 43BDVREN, 43BDVREP, 43BDVRRN, 43BDVRRP, 43BDVT, 43BDVTEN, 43BDVTEP, 43BDVTRN, 43BDVTRP, 43LDV, 43LDVR, 43LDVREN, 43LDVREP, 43LDVRRN, 43LDVRRP, 43LDVT, 43LDVTEN, 43LDVTEP, 43LDVTRN, 43LDVTRP, 490IDVNVC, 490IDVPVC, 500DVB, 500DVBL, 500DVBLNSC7, 500DVBLNV7, 500DVBLPSC7, 500DVBLPV7, 600DVB, BC36, BC36i, BC42, BC42i, BHDR36, BHDT36, CDVR33, CDVR36, CDVR42, CDVR47, CDVT33, CDVT36, CDVT42, CDVT47, CDVZ Series, CLDVDNE, CLDVDNV, CLDVDPE, CLDVDPV, CRDVDNE, CRDVDNV, CRDVDPE, CRDVDPV, DV360, DV360RFN INSTA-FLAME, DV360RFP INSTA-FLAME, DV360RN INSTA-FLAME, DV360RP INSTA-FLAME, DV580, DV580RFN INSTA-FLAME, DV580RFP INSTA-FLAME, DV580RN INSTA-FLAME, DV580RP INSTA-FLAME^Fits Majestic: DVB4136, DVB7 Series, DVBR36, DVBR36RN, DVBR36RP, DVBR42, DVBR42RN, DVBR42RP, DVR33, DVR33RN Insta-Flame, DVR33RP Insta-Flame, DVR36, DVR36RMH Insta-Flame, DVR36RN Insta-Flame, DVR36RP Insta-Flame, DVR39, DVRS3, DVRSL, DVRSR, DVRT36, DVRT36EN, DVRT36EP, DVRT36RFN, DVRT36RFP, DVRT36RMH, DVRT36RN, DVRT36RP, DVRT39, DVRT39EN, DVRT39EP, DVRT39RN, DVRT39RP, DVRT43, DVRT43EN, DVRT43EP, DVRT43RN, DVRT43RP, DVRTSB, DVT36, DVT43, G330AL, G330AN, G330L, G330N, G336A, G336AL, G336AN, G336L, G342A, G342AL, G342AN, G342N, LX32DV, LX36DV, MBUC36, MBUC36i, MBUC42, MBUC42i, MLDV500, MRC42, NV360, NV580, NVB SERIES, NVBC42, NVBR36, NVC36, NVC39, NVC43, PFDVDNE, PFDVDNV, PFDVDPE, RC36, RC36A, RDV4136, RFS22, RFS32, RFS42, RHE25, RHE32, RHE42, RHEDV25, RHEDV32, RHEDV42, SC36A, SC42A, STDVDNE, STDVDNV, STDVDPE, STDVDPV, TL36, TL36i, TL42, TL42i, TRC42, UV33, UV33C, UV36RN, UV36RP, UVBC33, UVBC36, UVBC42, UVBC43, UVBCN36, UVBRN36, UVC36, UVC43, UVDC36, UVS33RN, UVS33RP, UVS36, UVS36RN, UVS36RP, UVS43, UVSRC36A, UVSRC42A, WM36, WM36A, WM42-SX, WMII-42, WMII-42A, WMII42HT, WMR36^Cross Reference Numbers: Blower Unit Only, FK4, GFK4, FK12, FK24, R7-RB12, 8900755a, 111215G, EM3030LH-85 ; Benefits: Helps reduce costly energy bills, Heats large rooms efficiently, Installs quickly and easily with included instructions, Reasonable price aftermarket parts; The "Fits" BRAND and MODEL # are Reference ONLY! Please CHECK the Size & Ratings of your originals BEFORE buying^Length x Width x Height (inches): 12.5 x 3.73 x 3.23 Motor Type: Ball Bearing Insulation Class H (rated to 392°F / 200°C) Motor RPM: 3000 Airflow in C.F.M: 130 Ratings: 120V, 60Hz Power Consumption (watts): 35 Rheostat Variable Speed: NO Magnetic Thermostat: NO Material: Aluminum + Galvanized Steel Packaging Materials: Shipping box, Bubble Wrap, Foam Certifications: Motor UL Approved

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