Myard 'O' Seal Patented Baluster Connectors with Screws for Deck Railing Handrail Patio Fence (Qty 100 for 50 Balusters, round Line Connectors)

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  •  PATENTED DESIGN: 'O' silicone seal is sleeved in the groove on the connector, and capable of abutting against the inner wall of the baluster in a sealed manner. Substantially reduces corrosion (inner wall), waggle, and self-rotation (if round).
  •  100 connectors for installing 50 round balusters (diameter 3/4").  Engineering nylon + fiberglass + Anti-UV materials used for advanced weather resistance.
  •  100 stainless steel screws are included, with high hardness property standard: Class 12.9. No more stripping.  Surface treatment: Dacromet black coating.
  •  Secure balusters to the rails tightly without drilling holes. No chips, dust, noise, and danger. Create a hidden, clean look to the railing.
  •  Work with composite, wood, and aluminum railings. Fast to install. Compatible with most deck baluster brands.

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