Myard Universal Hidden Deck Fastener Clips for Grooved Edges of Composite Decking Boards to Joists, 1/4" Gap Spacing, with Square Driver Bit (100-Pack)

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  • ▼ 100-Pack. ▼ Black stainless steel screws (Hardness class #12.9 + Dacromet black coating) are included. Saving time and money. ▼ Made of anti-UV engineering Nylon plastic. No corrosion. ▼ Includes 1 Square Driver Bit: Size 0.09" x 0.09" (2.3mm x 2.3mm); Hex size 1/4".
  • ▼ Clean-look and consistent 1/4" deck board spacing. No more predrilling and countersinking. ▼ Decking grooved edges "C" opening must be 0.15" or bigger.
  • ▼ Compatible with AZEK, Cali-Bamboo, Deckorators, DuraLife, Envision, EverNew, Fiberon, MoistureShield, Lumberock, TimberTech, Trex, WearDeck, Zuri branded edge-grooved composite, hardwoods, treated lumber, cedar, & vinyl deck boards.
  • ▼ INSTALLATION: (1) Insert a Myard hidden fastener clip into the grooved edges of decking over a joist. (2) Drive the screw ONLY halfway (Fully tighten later once all boards are in place). The wings must remain level with the joist for the next board to fit correctly. (3) Continue to add clips on each joist against deck boards.
  • ▼ INSTALLATION: (4) Install "next" boards, make sure boards are pressed firmly against the clips and secured under the wings. (5) Do NOT over-tighten the screws. Please set proper driver torquing (2 to 6 drill power). The screw head will be resting on the top of the clip, but not sinking into the clip.

Product Description

Install Myard universal hidden deck fastener clips w/ included screws (hardness 12.9 + dacromet coating).

Insert fasteners into grooved edge of deck board.

Align screw hole in fastener with center of joist. Continue along the length of the board at every joist.

Screw only half way down. DO NOT fully tighten the screws.

Slide second board into place, making sure fasteners fit into groove. Install screws and universal fasteners on the other side of the second board in the same manner as Steps 1 & 2.

DO NOT fully tighten the screw.

Tighten screws on fasteners in FIRST row. Proceed with Steps 1 through 3 to finish the rest of deck boards.

NOTE: Hidden Fasteners MUST be used at every joist.

Tighten down all screws after confirming all boards are in correct place. Be sure to use a long #1 square bit (included).

DO NOT OVER tighten the screw, stop tightening when the screw head reaches the plastic part. Set a proper torque.

----------- More Myard branded deck parts and tools, see below -----------


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