Myard Upgraded Pool Leaf Skimmer Net Clip - Snaps on 1.9" Swimming Pool In-Ground Ladder, Holds 1-1/4" Leaf Rake Joint

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Product Description

Install Myard universal swimming pool leaf skimmer rake net clip

Step 1

Loosen both screws a little for bigger opening and easy installation.

* Phillips screwdriver required. Do NOT detach screws and nuts.

Step 2

Have the BIG "C" snap onto 1.9" diameter In-Ground Pool Ladder Handrail. *Adjustably fit 1.8" to 2".

Have the SMALL "C" holds 1-1/4" Leaf Skimmer Rake Net Joint. *Adjustably fit 1-1/8" to 1-1/4".

Step 3

Adjust the leaf rake to have water flowing through the net opening at 1/3 to 1/2 of the height.

Step 4

Fasten screws to hold tight all layout.

* Phillips screwdriver required. Do NOT overtighten.

TIPS: For ladder handrails which are in smaller diameter than 1.9", please try adding pads, PVC / double-side adhesive tape, cable tie...etc. onto the handrail tube in order to enlarge its diameter, and fill up the gap.

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Brand Myard Myard Myard Myard Myard Myard
Brand Myard Myard

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