Something you should know before purchasing a remote control for your gas fireplace.

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Something you should know before purchasing a remote control for your gas fireplace.

1. Can NOT turn on fireplace?

Check your pilot fire and thermopile first.

All models are NOT power supply. They do NOT output voltage or current to gas valve. They only process the millivolt voltage generating from thermopile if the pilot fire is on.

Therefore, you can NOT turn on the fireplace fire / gas if the pilot fire is OFF or the thermopile is out of operation (no millivolt voltage generated when heated). This is a safety protection from gas leakage. Please check before return.

Shut off the pilot fire, gas supply, wall switch, and any power if your house is unattended for long time.


2. Do they fit my fireplace? How to tell?

To find a remote control that is compatible with your gas fireplace, the first thing you'll need to find is what type of gas valve your fireplace uses. This information can be found most easily in your fireplace installation & operation manual, the relevant information is usually located under the "Wiring Diagram". If you don't have your fireplace owner's manual, you can also find the model # on the rating plate located somewhere inside / behind your fireplace, and search online with words "model # + manual".

You can also identify the valve type by taking a look at it directly in your fireplace. Our remote control models are all compatible with Millivolt valve, which has TH, TH/TP terminals for connection.


3. Smart Home or RF Remote?

(a) Looking for controlling and integrating your gas fireplace in your smartphone Smart Life APP, and voice-control with hubs such as Amazon Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant speakers, we recommend the Smart Home (SH) WiFi series for you. IFTTT is also supported to create your own applets.

(b) Looking for a traditional, direct, simple remote control solution by holding a transmitter handset in hand, then the RF type remote control kits are the best fit your needs.

(c) Looking for using your smartphone to replace the transmitter handset, and there is no WiFi for internet connection, well, a Bluetooth remote control might be your favorite.


4. Choose No Leak AA, AAA batteries.

For battery-powered devices, we strongly recommend the Energizer AA & AAA Lithium Batteries, or equal quality batteries which are Leak-Proof.

ATTENTION: Any corrosion caused by batteries leak will damage remote control devices. This issue will be regarded as improper use by user.



  • Bill Minion

    SH3002 How to change to Celsius


    I first purchased the SH3001 installed and would shut off after 1 min. Now have the SH3002 installed and does not shut off, however i can not get the Smartlife app to recognize the unit. on 2.4 . the rf remote turns it on and off.

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